UAV Surveys

Commercial Bird Control are happy to bring access to areas never before possible, though our UAV Surveys!

UAV Surveying enables us to cover large outdoor areas and spaces much faster than a traditional ground survey. Our expert and fully qualified drone pilots,  offer UAV Surveys in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcester and Oxford. Our drones come loaded with all the latest in technology and safety features. We can film around a site and acquire images all in 4K quality.

Who can benefit from a UAV Survey?

As well as large outdoor spaces, inner city locations without easy access to a roof, can benefit from our drone’s ability to scale the heights. We are able to make accurate representations and specifications for our clients, giving you the information to make an informed decision on the right bird control service for your area. UAV Surveys also eliminate the need for return visits to sites using MEWPS, which are expensive for such remedial works. Ultimately the service gives us a far more accurate impression of the whole site to tackle the issues you face.

Every UAV pilot is fully trained with a PfCO issued from the CAA. We are also fully insured meaning you should have no worries about your flight.