Bird Spikes

Along with bird netting, bird spikes are commonly used in city centres or highly populated areas, as an effective method of bird control. While they might sound intimidating, bird spikes are a safe solution which simply prevent nesting and activity along building ledges.

We supply and install a wide range of bird spikes, for ledges between 30mm – 300mm wide. Depending on the pest species, the site and envionmental conditions, we also supply different materials depending on the location and environment of the site. Stainless steel, marine grade stainless steel and UV stabilised UPVC are all options available to our customers.

In addition to the normal application of spikes we can supply and install specialist versions. These include ‘Ridge Spikes’, some ridges are hard to install with traditional adhesives due to their design. We can install these specialist version with and angled base for a more secure fix.

Other versions include window brackets, this allows a window ledge to be protected while allowing a window to open and close easily. Specialist brackets are also used to fix to thin ledges such as gutters.