Falconry Bird Control

Falconry bird control is a cost effective solution for deterring and removing birds at larger commercial sites.

This service consist of an expert bird handler visiting your site with a trained falcon, who will fly high above the area and act as a warning sign for nesting populations. When introducing Falconry to a new area or site, we will first have to consider the environment as well as the local bird population. Understanding the area before our Falcon visits, helps in providing an alternative solution, such as bird netting,  should the area not be suitable.

For best results, multiple site visits are recommended with the falconry team visiting on a regular basis to deter bird populations from settling in the area. Every site is dealt with on a site by site basis and the amount of visits will depend on a number of local factors.

The main benefit of Falconry, is the large areas we are able to cover in a much shorter period of time. Falconry affords our commercial clients, or clients with large areas to cover, an in-expensive bird control solution. With no need for maintenance or installations, the team can immediately begin covering and relieving multi roof and large outdoor areas, of nesting populations.