Acoustic & Visual

Many sites have used these systems as an in-house solution. Cheaply bought online to try and control or eradicate the problem. They are thought of as an easy effective way to deter birds from a location especially as they are mostly installed by the staff on site. The fact is they are not that effective and have been used in the wrong way.

So many versions are available from different suppliers, each promising effective results. A search online will show more events where they don’t work over when they do.

The reason is because the wrong system is used in the wrong place. As these systems are only deterrents and will not rid a site of all birds, it is important to remember this.

We only use the industry’s proven products and in the right circumstances. They are a cost effect measure at times and can work by reducing numbers. We would always advise a site visit to assess the area and advise on the best systems applicable to our client’s needs.